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  • Single Year RMD Only
  • Single Year & Multi-Year Projection
    • Provides Reverse Quick Calc To Determine Given IRA Balance Necessary To Provide A Specific Annual 72t Distribution
    • Can use 2 ROIs in illustration
      • 120 Federal Mid-Term Rate
      • Anticipated Account ROI
    • Allows For Recalculation Of Amortization and Annuitization Method Yearly
    • Can illustrate a Switch To Yearly 72(t) RMD Method To Start In A Future Year Of The 72(t) Period

Required Minimum Distribution (RMD)

  • Client & Spouse Single Year RMD
  • Client & Spouse Current Year and 20 Year RMD Projection & Graph
    • Client , Spouse & Beneficiary Yearly Disbribution Projection
      • ROI
      • Contributions
      • Spending
      • Tax Rates
    • Inherited RMDs
      • Non-Spouse Beneficiary
      • Spouse Beneficiary
      • Successor Beneficiary
      • Qualified Trust Beneficiary
      • Estate / Non-Qualified Trust Beneficiary